Caused by last week's severe explosion in the port of Beirut, a state of absolute emergency prevails on site. Many people in need are struggling with homelessness and serious injuries. The office of our MAHA representative in Lebanon is also only a few kilometers away from the disaster area.


Haldenwang, 17th August 2020. In states of emergency such as this, the internationally positioned company MAHA always moves a little closer together. After receiving the first news from Lebanon, the management of MAHA in Haldenwang immediately sought contact with our people in Beirut. Fortunately, all employees remained unharmed, only the office had to be cleaned from broken windows and fallen tiles after the heavy vibration.

Most people can feel the dimension of the Beirut catastrophe, but probably not even nearly grasp its full extent. Managing Director Dr. Thomas Aubel reacted immediately and initiated immediate aid of 5,000 euros. The sum will be passed on in equal parts of 500 euros directly to ten severely affected families, who will benefit from an initial relief. The money was donated by the charitable Family Rauch Foundation, which has been helping people who find themselves in need through no fault of their own for many years. At the same time, MAHA employees can voluntarily participate in the donation. Chantal Abou Jaoude, Managing Director of MAHA Middle East, agreed to distribute the donation directly to those in need on site.


Photo: (Yuri_B/map-of-the-world-2401458)